Verizon One Voice Mail and Speed Dial

Voice Mail and Speed Dial

Voice Mail setup

1. Press the  message key on the phone console
2. Select your preferred language
3. Create a four-digit passcode
4. At the voice prompt, record your name
5. Select a greeting, either personalized or standard


Voice Mail Retrieval

To retrieve Voice Mail messages:

1. Press the  message key on the phone console

2. Enter your four-digit passcode.

3. Follow the voice prompts.


Voice Mail Retrieval while away from the office

To retrieve Voice Mail using a different phone:

1. Call your office phone number

2. After the voicemail picks up, press #.

3. Enter your four-digit passcode and press #.

4. Follow the voice prompts.


Line keys (available speed dial slots)

Your T46S comes with nine configurable line keys. You can use them to create one-button speed dials for frequently dialed numbers.
To view all lines, press the 1 2 3 pages key on the idle screen to toggle to additional line key pages.

Speed dial configuration of a line key

To configure a speed dial key:

1. Press and hold an unused line key (for about five seconds)
2. Use  or the Switch soft key to scroll through the type of line keys available until you locate Speed Dial
3. Scroll  to complete each of the following fields:
Account ID: Select the phone line to associate with this line key
Label: Enter the name you would like displayed on the line key label
Value: Enter the phone number you would like this line key to dial
4. Press the Save soft key to accept your changes. You can now use this line key to speed dial this contact.



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