Verizon One Talk Basic Call Features

Basic Call Features

(Making Calls, Managing Lines, Receiving Calls, Hold, Resume, Redial)

To make outgoing calls.

Calls within UB

Enter the four digit extension number and press #

From the handset:

You do not need press any numbers for a line out.

Pick up the handset, enter the phone number and press the soft key under Send.

Using the speakerphone:

With the handset on-hook, press  , enter the number and press the soft key under Send.

From a headset:

With the headset connected, press  to activate the headset mode, enter the number and press the soft key under Send.

From the Call History:

1. Press the soft key under History on the main menu

2. Press  or   to switch between All, Placed, Received, Missed and Forwarded call lists

3. Press  or   to select the desired entry

4. Press the Send soft key


From the directory:

1. Press the soft key under Directory
2. Select the desired contact group and press the soft key under Enter.
3. Press  or   to find and highlight the desired number
4. Press the  soft key to dial out the number


Manage multiple lines.

The telephone number assigned to your desk phone gives you three different lines you can use to place and receive calls. Each line is represented by a line key with your One Talk number.

You can use these lines to simultaneously hold three separate conversations or conference in up to six participants. To move between the lines, place the current one on hold and press the desired line.


Receive incoming calls.

When not already on a call:
• Using the handset: Pick up the handset
• Using the speakerphone: Press
• Using the headset: Press

While on a call or the line is otherwise in use:

Press the corresponding incoming line key to answer the call.
Alternatively, press Hold to place the current call on hold, then press Answer to pick up the incoming call. Or press Ignore to trigger your Call Forwarding preferences.
You can also activate Do Not Disturb mode to turn off ringing and automatically ignore calls by pressing the soft key under DND.


Ignore a call.

Press Ignore during an incoming call when you wish to trigger t he
call forwarding options you configured for Call Forward Busy or
Call Forward No Answer.


End a call.

Press the soft key under End Call  and hang up the handset
Using the handset:
Using the speakerphone or headset: Press the soft key under End Call.


Hold a call.

Press the Hold soft key during a live call.

Resume a call.

If there is only one call on hold, press the soft key under Resume.

If there is more than one call on hold, press  or  to select the desired call, then press the soft key under Resume.


Mute/unmute your phone’s microphone.

Press  during a call.



1. Press  to enter the placed call list

2. Press  or  to select the desired entry

3. Press  or the soft key under Send.

Redial last number.

Press  twice when the phone is idle to dial out the last dialed number




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