Student Planning Part One: Getting Started

Getting Started with College Student Planning

You will use College Student Planning to plan your courses, select your course sections, gain advisor approval, and register for courses here at the University of Bridgeport.

The instructions below will help you get started with Student Planning.

Watch this video to learn about Student Planning Part One: Getting Started and/or read the print materials below.


1. From website, click on ‘Login’ on the right side.

2.  Click on ‘Login to myUB’ on the down left.

3.  Enter your username and password and click ‘Login.’

4.  Inside the box, click the arrow next to Webadvisor For Students to open the drop down menu.

5.  In the drop down menu, click ‘Academic Planning.’

6.  In the menu that opens, click ‘Student Planning/Registration’ to open the Steps to Getting Sarted screen.

7.  On the Steps to Getting Started Screen, click ‘Go to Plan and Schedule.’

8.  On the right of the term date, click the + sign.

9.  Click on the arrow and select the term that you are registering for from the drop down menu.

10.  Click ‘Add Term.’

11.  Click on “Timeline” to make sure the term has been added correctly. You will only need to add the term once each semester.

Depending on your advisor and program, you may have courses planned out for you or you may have the ability to do this part yourself.

If your courses have been planned for you, you can use the plan to select the section of the course you want to take.

If your courses have not been planned please contact your advisor about creating a course plan.

You are now ready to begin Step 2: Selecting Your Courses and Getting Advisor Approval.

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