Need to have a specific piece of software installed on your UB issued computer? Look for Software Center installed on your computer. Software Center is a tool that University of Bridgeport IT utilizes to install and update software remotely, and it also enables you to install the software yourself without the assistance of a¬†technician. Any software that is already available in your Software Center list can be installed, and there are many more pieces of software that may not be listed but are available and can be sent to your system by request. Don’t see something in the list of available software that you need? Please submit a case to our helpdesk stating what need you are looking to fill. You can suggest certain applications that have the functionality you need, but we cannot always install the exact software requested due to licensing, privacy concerns, and compatibility with our current software and systems. If we review the software you request and cannot install it, our team will gladly work with you to find a solution that meets your needs. See what UB IT can provide for your department!